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Rahul’s Chicago Marathon Fundraiser

A personal campaign sponsored by Rahul Rangnekar

September 14, 2024

Support Me

I am honored to be chosen to run with "Team Red Cross" for the 2024 Chicago Marathon.

My history with the Red Cross started over 15 years ago in middle school -- I spent a summer volunteering at my local chapter in SoCal, making phone calls to remind people to attend their CPR certification classes and taking credit card details for payment. Throughout high school and part of college, I volunteered regularly through the Red Cross clubs, and I've donated blood several times over the past 11 years.

The Red Cross has long been my charity of choice. When I realized I'd need to fundraise in order to run the Chicago Marathon, the Red Cross was my top choice. It is an incredible honor to be chosen to run with "Team Red Cross" for the 2024 Chicago Marathon.

The Chicago Marathon will be my second marathon, the first being the 2019 San Francisco Marathon. So much has changed in the world and in my life since then, the best of which is marrying my amazing and supportive wife, Kimi, who will be running the Chicago Marathon for her 2nd time.

I'm extremely grateful to support Team Red Cross as I train for and hopefully run the Chicago Marathon. Thanks for reading, and thanks for donating!

My silly self after donating blood for the first time in high school. (Nov 7, 2013)

Team Red Cross brings together runners of all ages, background, and abilities in support of the American Red Cross while providing a rewarding charitable-giving experience.

The mission of the American Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Your gift will directly support the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross.

Thank you for generously supporting the American Red Cross!

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact