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Bowie & Jensen, Together with Family, Friends & Community, Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Bowie & Jensen LLC

March 19, 2022

Support Me

Bowie & Jensen LLC, together with our families, friends, and community, stand with the people of Ukraine during this time. "As fighting in Ukraine continues, the Red Cross is providing lifesaving aid to those in need — both in the country and in neighboring areas. More than three million people have fled Ukraine to nearby countries and an estimated 18 million — a third of the country’s population — will need humanitarian assistance. As the fighting intensifies, so does the dire humanitarian situation and needs on the ground." To learn more about the Red Cross’ efforts in Ukraine, please visit:

If interested, join us in supporting the Red Cross and their aid of the Ukrainian people by donating. An anonymous donor will match up to $10,000 for donations raised over the next two weeks (until April 4th). 

Should you have any questions, please contact Lynne Sturm, Human Resources Director at Bowie & Jensen at