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Share the Red 2023 - Red Cross Month

Join us on March 1, 2023

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Greetings GNY!

Share the Red GNY, and join us for the Red Cross Month Walking Challenge! This challenge is one of our most active ways to get involved during Red Cross Month, get personally energized by going outside, and awaken awareness for our ARC mission while walking and helping fundraise donor dollars. Totally---Walk, run, crawl, and keep moving towards our goal to reach 1,000 miles! These events are most popular in our warmer seasons, and we’re counting on you all to make this one part of our Red Cross month success story.

We're returning to the walking challenge where we can raise money while putting in the miles! You can choose to participate as an Individual or as a Team, it is totally your preference. Do you want to push yourself to go it alone and see how many miles you can do solo? Or maybe you want some co-workers, fellow volunteers, or family to team up with and put those miles together? Either way, when you register above, a unique page will be created for you (or your team) that you can customize with pictures and words. Additionally, if you register as either an individual or as part of a team, you can change that in your personalized Dashboard.

Miles will need to be tracked manually from your Dashboard once you are registered to participate. Select the Activity Tracking tab when you are logged in to add the miles that you have walked/run based on your own personal fitness tracker. Not a big deal if you forget to do it on some days, just make sure you add up the miles that you have walked, and you can input them together. Lastly, since we will all be inputting our own miles, we are simply using the honor system for how much you have walked/run. It doesn't help anyone to make up miles, so please don't! Your Fitbit will know.

You have the option to fundraise as well! It is definitely NOT mandatory, if you want to participate just for fun and for added motivation to exercise, that is awesome and we are so excited to have you! If you do want to raise some money while you walk/run, you can share your unique Individual or Team Page via email or social media, and those who want to donate will be able to click that link and give their money straight to the Red Cross via your personal fundraising page.

Now you're ready, get set, and WALK! Looking forward to seeing all of the GNY ARC team shake off the winter chill and get some fun in the sun for this Walking Challenge! The top entries for each category of the challenge will get prizes, those specifics will be shared before the end of Red Cross month. If you have questions, reach out to Uikki O'Bryant ( for more clarification.

Thank you so much, and enjoy walking!