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Help us Fundraise for a NEW Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)

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The American Red Cross California Gold Country Region needs a newEmergency Response Vehicle (ERV). We are looking for donors and community partners to support this fundraising effort.  


The ERV is essential to the local community, delivering disaster relief within our local service area. We live in one of the most disaster-prone communities within Northern California and needs continue to grow year over year. 


You’re Not Just Underwriting a Vehicle. The ERV that you sponsor will be a community asset, one that can truly save lives!  


Each Red Cross vehicle travels nearly 145,000 miles, playing a critical role in prepositioning people and supplies before disasters strike and distributing pre-packaged food, drinks and clean up supplies to those affected.  With maneuverability and capacity in mind, these vehicles are optimized to quickly navigate to the center of a disaster zone.


They are often the first sign of hope in the wake of tragedy, providing our volunteer workforce with trusted means to easily reach communities, both near and far.  Many of these vehicles, like the ones in our California Gold Country Region, have exceeded their lifespans and need to be replaced.


Please join us as we fundraise for a NEW Emergency Response Vehicle to better serve those in need.



Thank you for your support of this much needed, lifesaving vehicle.  And special thanks to an anonymous donor for leading the way with a gracious $25,000 donation.  To learn more, please email