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Home Fires Happen - Northern Nevada Chapter

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In each of our communities and across the country, home fires happen and are among the most devastating disasters that touch individual lives. Tragically, these fires are far too common as the temperatures get colder.

In our chapter, from Reno to Elko to Ely, and everywhere our neighbors live in between, we help prevent and alleviate human suffering. And we do it by preparing families with 1.) fire safety education and evacuation planning, 2.) installed smoke alarms at no cost to residents (especially in higher-risk communities) and 3.) immediate-needs relief and financial assistance given at the scene to those displaced by home fires (and other disasters too). And we continue, supporting recovery efforts long after the terrible event happens.

Please join us in supporting both preparation initiatives and disaster response efforts to help people be safer and better able to recover resiliently if one of these catastrophes hits too close to home. We can't do it without you.

Thank you so much!

Yours in service,

Volunteers and staff of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross