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Create Your Own Fundraiser

You can provide food, shelter, and comfort to those in need. Choose one of the options below to support families and communities.

Donate Your Day

Mark a milestone by giving back to those in need. Donate your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other special day.

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Tribute Fundraising

Set up a fundraising page to honor a loved one or set up an in-memoriam to someone who has passed and celebrate their life by encouraging a gift to the Red Cross in lieu of flowers.

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School Spirit

Work with your classmates to help raise funds for those in need.

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Get Active

Get on the move and raise life-saving funds along the way. Fundraise through walking, running, swimming, cycling – whatever inspires you!

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Get Creative

Set up a lemonade stand, host a pool party, or organize a bake sale—do something unique and creative to fundraise your own way.

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